Our Process

  1. We find out what you need

    Chat with our team of experts were we see what you need, were we help you with your business goals and see if Healthcare Recievable Funding will be a good fit for your organization. Even if Healthcare Recievable Funding isn't a good fit our experts can still help you find the type of funding your looking for and connect you through our network.

  2. Application & Data submission

    We provide our easy application for you to fill out and data requirements that with help of our data wizards we integrate our systems. This enables us to fund fast and provide our analysis of how to help you optimize your claim's management process.

  3. Term Sheet

    We provide a term sheet with the funding details fully outlined.

  4. Due Diligence Process

    Our teams get together and we guide you through the legal and compliance tasks involved in any Healthcare Recievable Funding.

  5. Funding

    On your schedule we review and send the line item level detail until you don't need us. (No really that's it)

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