Funding that fits your organization.

Uncomplicated and direct competitive Healthcare Receivable Funding for short-term funds from private and institutional funders.

*Minimal qualifying and documentation required.

How it works

DML Capital Group is an alternative provider of funds, offering working capital to healthcare providers that significantly improve revenue cycle management and cash flow. We purchase your private‐payer medical insurance claims to advance the funds you need. Once we have been paid the amount of our advance by the insurance company, we reassign the account to you so that you can continue to collect any patient‐pay amounts remaining on the account, which you retain as your funds.

Update DML

During applications we determine a schedule both for automatic submition of AR and other information for DML to review as well as when you need the funding.


DML Evaluates how much we can find you for that period's AR while creating reports and insight on how to optimize AR cashflow.


We then send the detailed reports on our evaluation with tailored reports designed around helping your organization thrive. Funds are accessable when you scheduled!



We work hard to offer very competitive rates to all of our clients.

Healthcare Funding

We can assist any healthcare services provider with funding even if you are dealing with serious financial challenges or reorganizing in bankruptcy. Our services and solutions can easily be tailored to your specific needs.


Our funding is designed to grow with your business and can be as flexible as possible towards your ever-changing needs. We help you bridge the financial gaps in your operating business plan, now and in the future.

Tailored Insights

Working together we know your success is our success, we provide actionable insights on your Medical Recivables unique to your organization.

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Feel free to reach out through if you prefer to immediately set up HIPPA secure communication with DML Capital Group.


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