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Slide background Slider image PatientPayPort ® Our online patient-pay solution Reduce collection costs Maintains patient goodwill Improves cash flow immediately Available 24/7/365 Immediate return on investment
Slide background Slider image Reward all your patients With our patient loyalty program You determine what benefits, payment plans and discounts to offer your patients
A three tiered approach to improving revenue cycle management


We are an uncomplicated and direct source for short-term funds from private and institutional funders.

Minimal qualifying and documentation required.

We offer very competitive rates to all of our clients.


We can assist any healthcare services provider with funding even if you are dealing with serious financial challenges or reorganizing in bankruptcy.

Our services and solutions can easily be tailored to your specific needs.


Our funding is designed to grow with your business and can be as flexible as possible towards your ever-changing needs.

We help you bridge the financial gaps in your operating business plan, now and in the future.