Our Patented Online Patient-Pay Solution helps patients resolve their healthcare bills with respect, dignity and confidentiality.

Rising co-pays are making patients responsible for a greater portion of a healthcare providers revenue cycle and the timely collection of these self-pay balances is a priority to reduce A/R days and increase cash flow.

Collecting unpaid balances is a consistent challenge for healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes and it is essential you manage this process quickly and efficiently while maintaining the provider-patient relationship.

PatientPayPort ® is an online, user‐friendly service for patients to settle their account balances from the convenience of their own home, at a time that best fits their schedule.

Studies have indicated that 84% of your patients have access to a computer, 85% of them prefer to resolve their account online and 65% of those who go online, actually settle their account with you.

Online Access

Resolve Online

Settle Account

As a result, PatientPayPort ® can reduce collection costs significantly through automation and will have an immediate effect on cash flow.

Just as important, our solutions unique interaction with users is non-confrontational, maintaining goodwill and strengthening your long term relationship with your patient.

Benefits and Features

  • Supports and strengthens the patient relationship
  • Patient operated and controlled
  • Personalized branding with links from your own website
  • Reduces labor and overhead costs while increasing cash flow
  • Multi language capability
  • All done online, 24/7/365, with payments going directly to your bank account.
  • Many options available to settle online.
    • Pay now in full
    • Pay a discounted amount
    • Set up a payment plan
    • Negotiate a settlement
    • Send an email offer to resolve