Don't lose your patients to competitors because they don’t think you care about them. Make all of your patients Loyalty Program members.

Many industries have found that offering loyalty reward programs is so beneficial in maintaining customer relationships. The healthcare industry is one of the last consumer service businesses not providing such an incentive to encourage and reward patient loyalty.

As a healthcare provider you understand that you are in a competitive business and you want a patient to return to your facility for all their healthcare needs. You do not want the embarrassment or fear of an outstanding balance of $500 to drive your patient to another competitor hospital who performs a $50,000 insurance paid procedure on your patient.

Making your patient feel comfortable with your relationship is critical to receiving the desired response from your patients, and it is quite easy to do. Make them feel special. Make them all Loyalty Program members.

How it Works

  • Distribute

    Distribute Loyalty Program membership cards to your patients at pre-admission, admission, discharge or with their first billing.

  • Register

    All the patient needs to do is go online and register their card.

  • Load

    Load the card with pre‐approved discounts for services and amenities, payment plans and a host of loyalty program benefits.

  • Enjoy

    Your patients can enjoy the savings, privileges and advantages that a loyalty program membership brings.